Push Button Glass Tea Infuser

The Push Button Glass Tea Infuser is the best vessel for maximizing the number of brews from one serving of tea.  This brewing system delivers precise infusions every time by using small amounts of water to steep in, while allowing plenty of room for the leaf to fully expand.  It is difficult to over-steep the tea with this pot.

Ideal for use around the home and office, this pot is a personal size.  The 500mL jug is hand blown from durable borosilicate glass, and the separate 250mL infuser vessel is moulded from quality food grade, BPA free polycarbonate.  

This means the tea infuser vessel is safe to use with hot water for the tea, is safe in the dishwasher, and most importantly - your body!

How it works:

The pot consists of two separate units that twist and lock together, to form one unique tea infuser system.    There are two buttons (red and black) located above the handle, next to the lid. The black button opens and closes the lid; the red button opens the valve at the bottom of the infuser, to drain the tea into the lower pot.  For easy cleaning, separate the two vessels, remove the mesh infuser and rinse with water.

To make really good tea every time, follow these simple steps:

  1. Lock the two vessels together.
  2. Place your desired loose leaf tea into the infuser vessel.
  3. Fill with the appropriate hot water for the tea.
  4. Close lid and time the infusion.  The clear vessel allows the tea to be viewed as it steeps.
  5. When the infusion is ready, push the red button and hold it down until all of the tea has drained into the lower pot.
  6. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy!
  7. Repeat for as many infusions as the tea will allow.
Suitable for use with white tea, green tea, oolong, pu-er, black tea and herbal teas.  
Ideal for the more delicate teas which require precise multiple infusions.

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