Portable Tea Bottle with Infuser - Tea Traveller

Moulded from high quality food grade BPA free polycarbonate.  
This portable tea traveller with infuser is perfect for tea lovers on the go.  The lid has a small secret compartment for storing extra tea - convenient if you would like to re-fill while you are out.  Next is the custom designed mouth piece with dual flow outlets, capped off with a screw-on lid with rubber seal to prevent leakages.  Under that, is the removable mesh infuser that screws into the lid - easy to remove if you would like to stop the tea from steeping.  The infuser is approximately 11cm long, giving the leaf great exposure to the surrounding infusing water.
This bottle works very well with "Cold Infusions".  Cold infusions are a slower tea infusion, resulting in less tannin and a smoother taste.  To make a cold infusion is very simple.
  1. Fill the mesh infuser with your desired tea, and screw onto the lid.
  2. Fill the bottle with room temperature water.  Filtered water is critical when making tea.
  3. Attach the lid/infuser to the bottle.
  4. Refrigerate for 2 - 12 hours, depending on the tea.  For fruit teas such as hibiscus and berry mixes, 2 hours is a good infusion time.  If you are infusing white tea, green tea or oolong, the infusions will need to be a little longer.  (When I use the Taiwanese high mountain oolong, I infuse overnight - approx 8 hours).
  5. Remember to take the Tea Traveller out of the refrigerator and pack it when you leave for the day, otherwise you will be extremely disappointed when you are thirsty...
The bottle also boasts a detachable wrist strap for easy carrying.  

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