Tea Bowl Porcelain Soft Blue Flower

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This timeless traditional tea cup has been masterfully re-interpreted by our in-house ceramicist, Lesley Hurley.  Each cup we feature from Lesley's collection has been individually hand crafted.  There is no moulding involved.  Cups may vary slightly in size and thickness but this only means that each piece is unique and has its individual soul.  This being said, their completion is nonetheless flawless and well-balanced, with much thought and preparation dedicated to the selection of clay body and glaze.  Most importantly, both must truly enhance and support the tea.  This particular glaze is one of our own creations, and has been designed to continue to craze with time, similar to traditional Celadon glazes.  The luminous soft blue provides a stunning visual backdrop to any tea used, while the porcelain conducts heat and accentuates both flavour and aroma.  

Diameter 10cm x height 5.5cm. Our tea bowls are high fired, ensuring strength and durability and although fine, does not chip easily.


Handcrafted in Australia.