Bai Mu Dan - White Peony

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Bai Mu Dan or White Peony is a Fujian white tea from Jiangxi Province, China. This tea is made from tightly curled buds picked with two adjacent young leaves. The aroma is sweet like an English rose and in the mouth the flavor is delicate and very refreshing. The head note is floral with sweet fruit notes of peach, apricot and hints of rose and muscatel as finishing notes. The leaves are picked in spring giving this tea it's delicate sweetness and soft fruit flavors. The buds and the leaves of the Bai Mu Dan are very tender so the water temperature can not be too high or the nutrients in the leaves will be destroyed.  However, if the temperature is too low the leaves will not brew correctly and the flavor will be too light.  It is best to keep the temperature of the water just under boiling so that it brews correctly and the resulting tea will be both delicious and nutritious. This tea has great rhythm and can be brewed multiple times.

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