Tea Classes

Tea ceremony with Mathieu d'Argent.

For those that don't know me, my whole life revolves around tea. Much of my time is spent drinking tea, exploring aspects of tea culture and chatting with tea friends and tea professionals. This passion of mine has taken me across continents and to distant places, to the tops of mountains and into mystical gardens looking over the shoulders of masters as they administer their craft.

We invite you to experience the ancient ritual of silent tea ceremony. The purpose is to quiet and collect the mind which allows us to open into mindfulness. Our time together will explore the melodies of nature through these ancient tea trees, which connect us to the energy of the mountain, water, sun and moon. Participants will discover a sense of stillness and deep listening. The tea acts as an anchor or home-base, so naturally when the mind begins to drift, we return to the experience for presence. As the mind settles and deep roots are established in the moment, the experience is limitless. 

The ceremonial teas are sourced from Yunnan province in China which is the birth place of these ancient plants. The trees are usually growing wild in the remote forest, preferably old growth and aged between 400 to 1500yrs old. 

By deepening our attention, we are naturally moved into harmony with the living world, our inner life and all those we touch. The gift of relaxation.