Yunnan Gold

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Yunnan is a province in China, which has produced tea for more than Twelve hundred years.  Black teas from this region are made from leaves of the local broad leafed varietal and ranks with the grandest of the worlds black teas.  This broad leafed varietal is less astringent and velvety smooth.  This is one of the highest quality black teas in the world.  Renowned for its perfect buds which are golden in colour, consisting of large twisted tawny shoots.  The aroma is slightly woody with notes of bold tobacco and the liquor colour is dark reddish-black with molasses.  In the mouth the flavour is bold and flowery, with notes of malt and honey.  When preparing this tea, I prefer to use hot water at abut 80 - 85 degrees Celsius with quick infusions of; 45 sec for the first & second and one minute for the third.  This distinctive tea is perfect for morning-time pleasure, but may leave you craving for it throughout the day.

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