Shan Lin Xi - LongFengXia Winter Reserve

Long Feng Xia earmarks the area in the higher levels of the Shan Lin Xi terroir of Nantou County. This tea is a must for all high mountain enthusiasts and we must warn you… it is very addictive. Seductively sweet and flamboyant aromatics are exhibited in this masterful winter creation.  Like a symphony, the aroma sing from each cup in perfect harmony.  The sensual and flowery aroma enchants you to take a sip and experience a full bodied, thick yet smooth liqueur.  As soon as you swallow that first sip, it leaves a sweet floral aftertaste lingering on the tongue, while its aromatic vapours expand into the throat and sinus, like the nectar of a fragrant flower.  The glimmering liqueur is golden green produced from the lush terroir and the brief oxidation and announces that your in for a enduring treat. 

As you sip each cup you will begin to embody a wondrous creation of Heaven and Earth.  What I love most of all is not just the spectrum of flavours and aromas or the multitude of potent protective health benefits, but the transcendent nootropic effects which it delivers.  This alchemy gradually elevates my mind and body to a state of optimum balance and enhanced mental clarity.  Improving my memory, sharpening perception, stimulating a creative imagination and an elevated mood.  

Cultivated to perfection in the lush fertile highlands of taiwan, Shan Lin Xi is regarded by many aficionados of Chinese tea to be the one of the finest tasting teas on Earth.  This High Mountain Oolong is in a sub-category of Oolong tea that represents the creme-de-la-creme of Oolongs.  This tea delivers a parcel of flavour to your palate that clearly speaks for itself the moment it is sipped from the cup and lands on your tongue.  As the flowery fragrance dances through the nasal cavities, a complex diversity of taste and aftertaste embellish in your mouth and throat, a signature act that cannot be faked or imitated.  Simply divine!

This tea is very lavish, in the cup and in the number of infusions one can extract from these masterfully crafted leaves. 

This tea has been sourced directly from the plantation and stock is limited so, be sure to place your order and experience this incredible, sincere work of art.

  • Rinse and discard
  • 1 minute
  • 45 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 1 minute 20 sec
  • 1 minutes 45 sec
  • 2 minutes 
  • 2 minutes 20 sec

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