Sheng Puerh Wild White Buds

Beautiful white buds picked from wild-growing Pu-erh trees have been sun-dried to create a flavour that is uncharacteristically fresh and some what fruity.  The white tea buds belong to a sub-varietal from the camellia tea tree that grows in the tropical area of Dehong in southwestern Yunnan Province. The liquor is light, bright and brilliant; the aroma offers hints of cedar and forest pine with a subtle fragrance of a flower caught on the breeze. The surprising dedicate flavour is elegant, layered and complex with a sweet, long lingering finish which is the result of deep earth minerals in the fertile rich soils of Yunnan.  

The magic of this tea is the yang energy contributed from the buds adding depth and Chi. Prized for their shyness rather than for an extroverted, robust character,  the complexity of these little buds make this tea wonderful on its own or to blend and add to another favourite Shou Puerh.


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