Shan Ling Xi - Spring Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong


Cultivated to perfection in the lush fertile highlands of taiwan, Shan Ling Xi is regarded by many aficionados of Chinese tea to be the one of the finest tasting teas on earth. This High Mountain Oolong is in a sub-category of Oolong tea that represents the creme-de-la-creme of Oolongs. This tea delivers a parcel of flavour to your palate that clearly speaks for itself the moment it is sipped from the cup and lands on your tongue. As the flowery fragrance dances through the nasal cavities, a complex diversity of taste and aftertaste embellish in your mouth and throat, a signature act that cannot be faked or imitated by less well bred teas. As soon as you swallow that first sip, it leaves a sweet floral aftertaste lingering on the tongue, while its aromatic vapors expand into the throat and sinuses, like the nectar of a fragrant flower.

Owner and master craftsman Mr Chang

In addition to its value as an epicurean and aesthetic experience, Shan Ling Xi also has potent medicinal benefits. Throughout history tea has served as an excellent elixir for health and longevity and in Traditional Chinese medicine for its detoxifying and digestive virtues. Artisan crafted High Mountain Oolong contains abundant supplies of polyphenols and catechins which are potent antioxidants These antioxidants provide continuous detoxifying activity in the blood and tissues, protecting the body from toxic damage and preventing the formation of tumors. Since the polyphenols and other antioxidants, suppress tumor formation, drinking this tea daily provides strong protection against the development of all types of cancer, particularly in the lungs and liver, which endure most from exposure. This protection against cancer is further enhanced by tea's potent alkalizing action in the blood and tissues, where it counteracts the excess acidity associated with the formation of cancerous cells. High Mountain Oolong alkalizes the digestive tract, bloodstream, and cellular fluids, neutralizing the excess acidity which allows formation of cancerous tumors and leads to many other degenerative conditions as well. The neutralizing of excess acidity also assists with digestion, preventing fermentation and putrefaction in the stomach.

Owner and head honcho Mr Chang

Taoist hermits and Buddhist monks not only treasured tea as a tonic for longevity but also cherished tea as an alchemical spark for spiritual insight and literary inspiration. Over 600 biochemical factors including significant amounts of polyphenols and catechins, High Mountain Oolong teas are also loaded with a range of essential trace elements. Deficiencies in these trace elements have particular adverse effects on the brain and nervous system which are the first to malfunction when essential trace elements are missing. This is why tea became so important in the daily lives of monks and hermits throughout Asia, especially in remote places such as Tibet and Mongolia, where diets were barely sufficient to keep the body alive and warm, providing the full spectrum of essential trace elements required by the brain and nervous system as a foundation for intensive metaphysical practice. By providing the key co-factors missing in their diets, tea served monks and cave-dwelllng hermits as a nutritional supplement as well as  alchemical elixir that catalyzed the inner alchemy of the body, energy, and mind. 


Owner and matriarch Mrs Chang


More and more people would like to know where there food comes from, which I think is important and awesome. Click here to see the brief story of the Artisans who make this amazing tea from Shan Lin Xi.


Magical gardens of Shan Lin Xi - Taiwan


Brewing Instructions

Infusion times listed below are for the gong fu method of preparation using a gaiwan, competition cup or a small Yixing pot, using 4-5 grams of dried tea leaves. The ideal water temperature should be high at 95 degrees celsius (filtered water or even better natural spring water) and should be poured in slowly onto the side of the vessel and not directly onto the leaves. 

  • Rinse and discard
  • 1 minute
  • 35 seconds
  • 45 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 1 minute 20 sec
  • 1 minute 45 sec
  • 2 minutes 


This tea has been sourced directly from the plantation and stock is limited so, be sure to place your order and experience this incredible, sincere work of art. 

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