Phenoix Dan Cong Oolong - Fenghuang Dancong

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Phoenix Oolong or Fenghuang Dancong is like none other on earth. Made of long, thin leaves crafted by artisans, then high-fired to a deep brown-red leaf colour in wicker baskets over wood charcoal, the authentic Phoenix Oolong shock most people by the overwhelming extent of fruitiness. It is hard to believe that the flavour is developed naturally from the tea leaf and its sweet fruity flavour is very easy for everyone to instantly accept and enjoy.

Phoenix Dan Cong oolong is produced from Chao-zhou, Guangdong province. The term Dan Cong refers to an individual tea tree grown independently which is different from the garden tea. In ordinary tea garden, the tea is planted in a column and the trees are pruned regularly in order to maintain the desired height, shape and size. As mentioned, Dan Cong means an independent tree by its own, randomly planted in the wild which is usually at the slopes of mountain, and similar to other native trees. The “Dan” means single and the “Cong” means Bush or Tree in English. Based on the definition, the term Dan Cong is not applied for only Phoenix Dan Cong oolong, but should be also applied for Wu-yi oolong and sometimes Pu-erh tea as well. 

The best teas are created by nature first and man second. This Phoenix Oolong falls into a category called Living tea or Natural tea which are usually seed propagated, chemical free, room to grow which allows roots have room to breath, growing deep and wide to absorb nutrients with no irrigation. Living tea also includes tea growing wild in bio-diverse environments which are protected from chemicals and have good relationships with the farmers, growers or custodians of the land. It is the main reasons why this Oolong is so amazing and has wealth of complexity and nectar-like tastes.

If you are a tea enthusiast, and seeking a tea loaded with opulent, even unctuous layers of fruit, with a huge bouquet, and a plump, luxurious texture this is the one for you.

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