Oriental Beauty - Dong Fang Mei Ren - Reserve

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Named "Oriental Beaty" by Queen Victoria, whom preferred this legendary tea over all others, clearly signifies the prestigiousness of  this Oolong.  A personal favourite, this tea exceeds it's reputation as a competition prize winner in 2009.  "Sharing is caring" and tempted to consume this rare indulgence for myself, I have decided to release this little beauty online to celebrate the launch of Teaist.  

Made in Milaoli County, Taiwan; the unique flavour of this tea is not only dependent on the weather, terroir and craftsmanship but also upon the Jassid.  When these precious little critters nibble at the leaf, an enzymatic reaction between the tea oils and saliva from these insects crystallise, causing the fermentation process to begin. This is the key element in producing the highest quality and natural honey-like flavour which is the signature of this Holy Grail of teas.

Flamboyantly perfumed the fragrance of Oriental Beauty is often compared to the smell of ripe fruit, and the flavour both delicate and lush, rich and light.  Super smooth with no astringency, even after longer infusions, this tea will deliver complex notes of flowers, fruits and honey. 

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