Long Jing - Dragon Well


Longjing is said to be the most distinguished of all green teas.  Wok-roasted in a small village in the Xihu region in Hangzhou, this tea is a delectable experience for lovers of fine green tea.  Made entirely from unopened tender buds and stirred by hand in hot woks, the leaves resemble dried blades of grass.  When infused, the pronounced flavour unfolds like a fan, releasing complex layers of fresh leafy tastes with a fragrance that ranges from warm chestnut to flowery bouquets.  In Zhejiang, people prefer to brew this tea in a clear glass; pouring in hot water first then adding a pinch of tea leaves.  However over the past few years I have explored this tea using either a high density Yixing pot or a porcelain gaiwan and have achieved more pleasurable results.  One important tip when brewing young tender leaves is; keep your water temperature between 75-80 degrees and infusion times ranging from 1min-1min 30sec.  However, I prefer to use high water temperatures of 90-95 degrees, pack my small Yixing or gaiwan half full with leaves and shock the tea, causing a release of tea oils using short, quick steepings; starting from 20sec and gradually increasing by 10sec for each subsequent re-infusion. 

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