Liu Bao

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Liu Bao is a real black tea produced in Cangwu, Guangxi. The name "Liu Bao" literally translates to "Six Castles", which may refer to forts that existed in the area at some time in the distant past. The local mountains are full of canyons, streams and waterfalls that are misty year-round. The loose, fertile soil, humidity and proper sunshine make it an excellent rregion for growing tea. The tea trees are a medium leaf varietal and like puerh, the best quality Liu Bao tea is made from older tea trees. After fermentation (piling) and sorting, the leaves are steamed to re-moisten them and then pressed into large, bamboo baskets.The tea is packed down into a wicker basket to facilitate the next phase of air-drying. The drying tales a few months, after which the tea is often aged. 

Just like Shou Puerh or aged puerh, Liu Bao is often better when it is on the darker side and we recommend adding more tea leaves than you are used to, or steep the tea longer. The liquor should be dark red or even black with a reddish golden ring around the cups edge. Liu Bao tea is best brewed using gongfu and needs a higher temperature (95 degrees), as with all darker teas.

This tea is more masculine, with strong earth mineral components which go on to age magnificently. It is a very different style to most teas and has a rich, smooth texture with a deep yin energy. This tea is both uniquely cooling or warming when needed and great for dispelling dampness. The flavour is bold with a medium body and has moist forest floor characters. One of my personal favourites in winter and recommend this tea to Shou Puerh lovers and people who enjoy strong earthy flavours.


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