Da Yu Ling - High Mountain Oolong

As a "Tea Hunter" sourcing a genuine Da Yu Ling has been extremely challenging but at last success. Da Yu Ling is grown at the elevations of 2400 meters, making it the highest tea plantation in the world. At these altitudes the temperature is consistently cool and humid which is ideal growing conditions for tea. The legendary peaks are consistently showered by the seas of cloud and mist. Not only a source of water which keeps the tea leaves moist as they grow, this cloud cover excludes direct sunlight, forcing the leaf to develop more slowly and to compensate chemically for the absence of sunshine. As a result less caffeine is developed while the amount of chlorophyll increases in the leaf, producing unique tea flavours. Once you've tasted Da Yu Ling, properly prepared the traditional Chinese way, you will know exactly what makes it so special. This tea delivers a bouquet of flavors that clearly speaks for itself the moment it hits your tongue and wafts through your nose. The marvelous floral aftertaste blooms quickly on the tongue and expands aromatically into the throat and sinuses, unfolding like the necture of a fragrant flowers. This is a very hard act for any other tea to follow, and many tea connoisseur become lifelong devotees of High Mountain Oolong after trying teas like this for the first time.

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